A New Beginning

I decided to start a new blog, because I felt I needed a fresh start. It’s not the first time I’m trying to pick up writing in my blog again, and every time I say that I hope I will keep on updating it. With the risk of sounding too repetitive, I’m going to promise again that this time I will be more diligent in updating my blog. Anyway I have a couple of topics in my head, so hopefully that will last me a couple of weeks at least.

As you may have noticed already, I kept the same name for my blog: “The Musings of a Dreamer”. I truly think that that title suits my character really well, and I’ve decided that I’m going to live up more to it in my new blog. So expect a lot more musings instead of merely a dry exposition of my life. As such, I hope my blog will acquire a more, dare I say it, philosophical character. Hmm, I don’t really know if anyone actually wants to read my thoughts and musings at all; a lot of it is probably just a bunch of nonsense… Oh well, I’ll just write about it and we’ll see if anyone enjoys it. The important thing is that I have to make sure that I enjoy writing it.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve written anything in my blog, but it doesn’t mean that I had stopped writing completely. In fact, I’ve probably written more in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years combined. The writing workshop “Simply Writing II: Completing It On The Page” I followed back in March really did have a positive effect. It helped me to relax a little, and just allow myself to write freely without thinking too much. I’m even starting to enjoy myself more now when I’m writing. It used to be such a chore, so much so that I would sometimes stop writing a single word for months. It’s funny how I am now able to write more freely and enjoyably, and in my opinion also better, just because I’ve learnt to let go of the desire and the obsessive need to write something profound and meaningful.

Hmm, I just realized that I deviated from my writing method of the last few months. Normally I would start free-writing with pen and paper when I have something to write about, without stopping or thinking, and only later I would work it out on my laptop. Come to think of it, writing with pen and paper is probably one of the reasons why I enjoy writing more. There’s something about the feel of the tip of the pen touching a piece of paper that is just more satisfying than typing away on a laptop. Also, there is no Backspace button when writing on paper, so I can’t easily delete anything I have written, so it kind of forces me to keep writing. Oh well, since I finished this post already, I’m just going to leave it as it is and post it.

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