A Little Exaggeration goes a long way…

Sometimes a little exaggeration goes a long way in helping us put things into context and realize what a great life we have. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this little fact. My geeky colleague Michiel (and I mean it in the best way possible; calling someone geeky is a great compliment in my book!) said last week that he wanted to bring some sunshine into our dreary little lives with his jokes, or something in that vein, as I don’t remember the exact wording in Dutch. Even though it’s typical something he would say, my initial reaction inside was one of disbelief: “Dreary little lives?! I don’t have a dreary life! Don’t exaggerate!” So despite of all the complaining I tend to do about work or my private life, despite all the negativity I tend to exhibit, let me reiterate again that I do in fact have a great life.

I also did some reminiscing today with my cousin Gwen, as we were comparing our lives now to where we were ten years ago, and of other persons (is there anything more fun than reminiscing about the past?). It’s amazing when you realize how much we have all changed during that time, while essentially still staying the same. Almost everyone seems to have done well for themselves, despite any anxieties and insecurities we may have had ten years ago, or in fact still have. So despite of any problems, troubles, issues, or whatever human nature tends to focus on, life in fact is good.

Speaking of the good life, just two more days before I head off to Marrakech, courtesy of Vodafone and the Special Achiever Award. My first time ever staying in a 5-star hotel… I’m actually looking more forward to the hotel than the actual trip itself (not really, but exaggerating is fun, even if just slightly). 🙂

P.S. I checked the hotel prices a couple of days ago just out of curiosity and fun. The cheapest two-person room just costs about 70 euro per night! So definitely an option worth considering when planning for a short holiday.

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