What to write?

After the initial weeks, I find it harder and harder to keep writing on my blog. One of the reasons is that I am simply running out of topics to write about. I managed to get a ton of stuff off my chest already, and I guess that I can only write so much about myself before even I become bored about it. I also find that I’m becoming lazier and that I’m spending less time on the actual writing itself; the first couple of posts involved quite a lot of editing and rewriting during the process, but lately I’m just typing away and publishing it without taking the trouble to re-read it. Perhaps I should start writing about other topics just to mix it up, but it always felt a bit unnatural in the past when I tried that. Perhaps it’s because I treated those topics as nothing more than fillers, instead of topics I really want to write about, so I need to rethink my strategy on that. The World Cup would seem to be an ideal topic, and in the past I would watch as much as possible and spend much of my free time thinking about line-ups, strategies and replaying previous matches in my head, but my interest in football has dropped dramatically in the last couple of years, and I’m just not as knowledgeable about football anymore. I might end up writing something about it anyway, but it will be more about general impressions than about in-depth analyses.

Of course, I should spend some of this ‘downtime’ to work on my fiction anyway, which is what I always wanted to write in the first place. I have a couple of ideas for some short stories in my head, but I need to sit down and actually start working on them. And maybe it’s time to rekindle my old love for the fantasy genre (á la Lord of the Rings). When I was younger, I always dreamt about writing the next epic fantasy trilogy (or maybe a quadrilogy, or even longer… I’ve always been better at dreaming about things than doing them). I’ve started a lot of stories, but I never managed to write more than a few pages before pressing the Delete button. But I should take advantage of my new-found enthusiasm for writing before it dies down again. I just need to remember to put into practice what I’ve learnt: to keep writing without thinking too much about what’s on the paper. Logic and structure have very little practical use during the creative process, and are best left until the contours of the story become clearer.

And maybe I need to stop saying to myself that I’m too tired to write after work and become more disciplined about it (and maybe try to work less as well!)…

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