My Writing Resolutions

These are some basic guidelines to writing I know I should follow, but which I tend to “forget” about:

  1. Always write a first draft with pen and paper. Forget about logic, structure or even quality. Those are not needed at this stage. What is needed is that my thoughts are written down. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. You can only complete the puzzle if you have all the pieces.
  2. Don’t use the laptop for the first draft. The urge to press the Backspace button or Shift-Delete is just too big.
  3. Don’t finalize or publish anything when I’m tired and really just want to go to bed. Finish writing and come back to it the next day to see.
  4. Edit, edit, edit! This is the part I hate the most and I tend to neglect it, but editing is an essential part of any good writing.
  5. And most importantly, just keep writing. No matter what. Even when I don’t feel like it, which is basically most of the time. In the end writing is hard work, and I don’t get any real satisfaction out of it anyway. Yet I feel lost and agitated if I don’t write. The only thing worse than writing is not writing…

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One response to “My Writing Resolutions

  1. Ishana

    If I’m going to be writing anything substantial, it must be on a computer. My netbook at this point, as my desktop’s keyboard is positively infuriating. But otherwise I agree, the first draft should never be about flow, clarity, or even quality. First draft is simply getting the idea out there. Editing comes after, for the second, third, fourth, etc drafts.

    I 100% agree with your fifth point. If one can resist the urge to write, then one is not a writer.

    Thanks for the post.

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