It’s Friday Night…

And I’m sitting here behind my laptop obsessing over my blog stats.

Yup, that sounds about right.



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7 responses to “It’s Friday Night…

  1. Ishana

    I’m sitting at my desktop playing the Sims 3. I’m not sure which I’d rather hahaha

  2. Thaumaturgist

    I was finishing up my home-work at that time.
    Here is a little fun fact: In my part of the world, rather in my country, Thursday and Friday are the weekends. Saturday is the most annoying day of the week a.k.a Mondays in your world.

  3. Oh yeah, that makes sense. I’m neither Christian nor Jewish, and I never really thought about what weekend means. But you’re right, I think depending on your beliefs, the sabbath is either on Saturday or Sunday.

    • Thaumaturgist

      U.A.E changed it to Friday and Saturday because the multinational companies (those that had export etc with other countries) could only work 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)!

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