The Facebook Effect

Ok, I promised myself not to obsess about my blog stats too much, but this one is just too much fun not to mention:

The above chart shows the number of page views on my blog. That tiny, little spike there on November 16th? That’s the date when I advertised my blog on my Facebook profile. The number of page views exploded as a result, reaching a figure more than 6 times as large as my previous best score. I know, I know… those page views are probably generated by 5-10 persons or so, but that does not make me any less happy.

So Social Media Marketing actually works!

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One response to “The Facebook Effect

  1. Ishana

    Last month my stats graph looked like it was giving me the middle finger… I felt oddly offended. I tried to advertise on Twitter to get enough views on the last of 5 days to make it less offensive. I failed.

    Glad your advertising on FB worked out for you!

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