Running Outside Again

Yaay! I finally ran outside again today for the first time in weeks. Or has it been months already? Anyway, it’s another area of my life I have been neglecting lately, and which I need to pick up again. I was so much fitter half a year ago compared to now.

I found that this is actually the ideal temperature to run outside, a few degrees (Celsius) above freezing temperature. It’s not too cold, and you don’t have to worry about overheating at all. Too bad about the squishy hybrid of water and snow covering the roads though. However, there is an advantage to that. One time I made the mistake of slowing down in the middle of a large wet patch. It wasn’t long before I could feel the cold, dirty water seeping into my shoes. You would have thought it wouldn’t matter that much once your socks are soaked anyway, but believe me, the feeling is still very uncomfortable and it makes me shudder to think about it even now. So you see, I can’t afford to be lazy and I had to speed up again. Touch, lift, touch, lift, touch, lift… just keep moving your feet and make sure they don’t touch the ground for too long, not at least until you hit a dry patch again.

Of course, the running itself didn’t go as smooth as it used to when I was doing it more regularly, and I was already pretty exhausted after 15 minutes (but I kept running thanks to the squishy snow!). Still, it was a little better than I had feared. I thought that after months of irregular or even non-existent training and not eating enough fruit and veggies, my condition would be horrible. But it wasn’t too bad really, especially considering that it was harder to run in the snow as well.

Still, even though it was extremely hard to start again after weeks of inactivity, I did feel much better afterwards. So let’s hope I can slowly get back into the routine again!


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One response to “Running Outside Again

  1. Thaumaturgist

    I am OFFICIALLY jealous of everyone out there who is experiencing WINTER!
    Seriously, is asking for a winter where it makes sense to put on a sweater too much to ask? Apparently yes…
    Glad you had fun!
    O and “…a FEW degrees (Celsius) above ABOVE temperature. It’s not TOO cold..” purposefully added to taunt me? 😦 Just kidding. But I don’t think it is that cold even in my refrigerator.

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