Top 10 Songs Part 4 – #1!

Before going into the number 1 song, let’s look at the breakdown of the list by decade. Why? Because I’m a geek and I love shiny graphs. That’s really the only reason I need to create gorgeous, colourful pie charts that nobody is waiting for except me. I swear that someday when I find the time that I will set up my own personal database full of worthless information.

Conclusion? The nineties kick ass. Although it would have been a tighter competition between the 90’s and the 2000’s if I had chosen a more recent Usher song.

However, if you have been paying attention, you’ll notice that the number one song is from the fifties. But I guess I have been dragging this thing out long enough already, so without further ado, the number one song is…

1. Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line

The one and only Johnny Cash! I admit I had my doubts about removing November Rain from the top spot the last couple of days, but I promised myself to stick to the list I created more than a week ago, even though the list keeps changing every day depending on the mood I am in.

I didn’t become a fan of Johnny Cash until I saw the movie “Walk the Line” a couple of years ago, which was the first time I was really aware of his songs. The songs in the movie were performed by Joaquin Phoenix, and I watched the music scenes over and over again. So much in fact that it took me quite a while to get used to the original versions when I started listening to those. Of course in the end, as decent a job as Phoenix might have done, there is no way he could hope to approach the deep and powerful voice of Johnny Cash.

So why did I choose I Walk the Line? It starts with the unique intro combined with the hypnotic boom-chicka-boom rhythm in the background which sets the tone early on. And then Cash starts singing that first line “I keep a close watch on this heart of mine”, and it just blows me away. I don’t remember hearing anyone singing something that sounds so sincere. Even now, after hearing the song for hundreds of times, that first line never seems to lose its impact with me. It’s not just the first line of course; throughout the entire song there is a sense of insecurity self-doubt which sounds very authentic. As such, this song suits my mood perfectly every time I feel down and insecure. This song is like a very close companion during my lesser moments. So that is why this song made it to number one on my list.


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