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The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Cool! Out of nowhere I suddenly got this sweet little award last week from Thaumaturgist, one of my very favorite persons in the entire blogging community. Thanks! Means a lot coming from you.

Apparently, there are some assignments that come with the award:

Share seven random facts about yourself.

  1. It took me more than 7 days to come up with 7 random facts about myself. Yes, I stress about these kinds of things.
  2. I love, love, love singing. Love it. Most of the time I won’t actually do it while others are around, but sometimes…
  3. I was born in Singapore. I then moved to the Netherlands. Then back to Singapore, and now I’m living in the Netherlands again since my 10th. Whew, quite a roundtrip, isn’t it?
  4. When I was aged 10-16, I lived above a restaurant… which was in the same building as a bowling alley.
  5. I love keeping lists.
  6. When booking an intercontinental flight just for myself alone, I like to pick a flight with a stop-over with at least a couple of hours between flights so I don’t need to stress about being on time for the transfer flight. I just think it’s nice to visit other airports (feels like an additional mini-holiday!) and take the time to chill and read there.
  7. I love reading personality profiles. I started out with astrology, made a short side-trip to the enneagram, and now I read a lot about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I’m an INFP and proud of it (when not feeling so insecure)!
Pass the award along to 15 deserving blog buddies.
Ok, this is where it gets tough. I really don’t have that many blog buddies, and even then I haven’t been keeping up lately with the blogs I’m actually following, so I’m just gonna cheat:
I pretty sure I’m not allowed to do this, but I would like to pass the award back to Thaumaturgist.
And although I know she also got one already, there is no way I’m not going to mention Ishana.

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The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn…

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
– Eden Ahbez – ‘Nature Boy’ *

* The first time I heard ‘Nature Boy’ was when I watched Moulin Rouge. And although I really, really love Moulin Rouge, let’s forget that for a moment and instead use Nat King Cole as our inspiration, shall we?

When I was younger I used to believe that there no greater universal truth than love (I would like to imagine myself as the Nature Boy, albeit without the wisdom). Perhaps the time has come to reconnect with my younger self again. Sure, my younger self was horribly naïve, an idealistic dreamer who was socially inept and who lived in constant fear of the real world, but despite all those negatives I truly believed. I truly believed that things would work out in the end despite the lack of self-confidence and the voices in my head which kept telling me that I would always fail. I truly believed that I could eventually become a better person than I was as long as I kept fighting against myself, and I promised I would do that no matter how long it took. There were times when I even pictured myself as an old man when it would finally happen, an old man who had until then lived his entire life all alone. And I imagined how indescribably happy I would feel, and I truly believed that happiness was a possibility as long as I never gave up. Yeah, I did say I was horribly naïve right? But is that really such a bad thing? Continue reading

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Writers Studio – Revision 2 – Extraterrestrial

Revision of the exercise based on Country Husband by John Cheever

This one is a bit overdue, as I’ve already written this weeks ago for the last Writers Studio class back in May. Like the revision of the “Chicken Rice” piece, this is a piece I would like to work out into a longer story. I know in broad lines already what the story will be about. However, I am still jumping back and forth about who the main character will be in terms of personality and background. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Frank never believed in extra-terrestrial life, but there it was during that chilly late October night as he was taking his dog Spotty for his nightly walk along that dark forest path, when he suddenly found himself enveloped in bright white light. It only lasted for a few seconds before the world went dark. When the lights came back on again a few minutes later, he found himself staring straight into a pair of huge eyes, which reminded him very much of a creepy bug. The alien – or at least Frank assumed that’s what he, she or it was – nodded approvingly before walking away from him, leaving the room through a sliding door, which emitted a pleasant humming sound as it slid open and shut.

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Have I ever mentioned to you about this lady I know? No? Well, let me tell you about her then. She is… she is… amazing. Her smile is so radiant that it can melt a man’s heart, even one that is as icy as mine, her laugh so full of life that it can make a man’s spirit bloom like a wild flower in spring, even one that is as barren as mine, and her eyes so captivating that it can drown a man’s soul…

So as her eyes gaze into mine I can feel my soul slowly drown in them, and as her laugh resonates through my ears I can feel my spirit bloom, and as she smiles at me with that smile of hers… damn… you know, the one that can melt a man’s heart. Except her smile is now very slight and subtle, so subtle that it is almost imperceptible to the naked eye, a smile which is meant only for me and me alone, a smile which I do not have to share with the rest of the world. Damn… can you even start to imagine what a smile like that can do to a man’s heart, especially one that is as frozen as mine? Huh, of course you can’t. Me neither. All this is nothing more than a dream, a fantasy as unreal as elves and dragons and goblins and whatever the hell you can come up with. And dreams which forever remain unfulfilled will always haunt you.

So that is why I need to stop thinking about her. No, I don’t expect you to understand it. Hell, I don’t even understand it myself. I just know this is something I need to do. Doesn’t make sense, does it? But nothing about our feelings ever makes sense anyway…

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