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The Pendulum Swings

An emotion is like a pendulum
The harder you push it in the other direction
The faster it swings back at you without discretion
So no matter how wildly your emotions swing
Just let them be and stop pushing
Only then will you achieve equilibrium

Ugh… I seem to keep churning out self-motivational stuff like these lately. I promise I’ll try something different again soon! 🙂

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Being an INFP

Being an


it means that my expectations upon the world, and especially upon myself are

I dealistic
N aive
F oolish &
P eculiar,

but these expectations often clash with my perceptions, and those

I ncessant
N agging voices
F orever
P ent up

within me keep battering away at my resolve, until I believe that

I ‘ll
N ever
F ind
P eace, Pleasure or Personal

relationships with others. But it is time for a new point of view.

N eed to
F orget the
P ain

inside me and instead

N eed to
F ocus on my own
P otential.

I need to draw

I nspiration from this
N ewly
F ound
P erspective.

Despite everything, despite my many flaws and shortcomings, at least I can say

I am
N ot a
F ake
P erson.

So yes, I may indeed be

I dealistic
N aive
F oolish &
P eculiar,

but this is a choice I have made. Because this also means that I am

I ndividualistic
N atural
F orgiving &
P assionate.

I draw strength from this knowledge. I have faith in myself. I am an



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