Being an INFP

Being an


it means that my expectations upon the world, and especially upon myself are

I dealistic
N aive
F oolish &
P eculiar,

but these expectations often clash with my perceptions, and those

I ncessant
N agging voices
F orever
P ent up

within me keep battering away at my resolve, until I believe that

I ‘ll
N ever
F ind
P eace, Pleasure or Personal

relationships with others. But it is time for a new point of view.

N eed to
F orget the
P ain

inside me and instead

N eed to
F ocus on my own
P otential.

I need to draw

I nspiration from this
N ewly
F ound
P erspective.

Despite everything, despite my many flaws and shortcomings, at least I can say

I am
N ot a
F ake
P erson.

So yes, I may indeed be

I dealistic
N aive
F oolish &
P eculiar,

but this is a choice I have made. Because this also means that I am

I ndividualistic
N atural
F orgiving &
P assionate.

I draw strength from this knowledge. I have faith in myself. I am an



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6 responses to “Being an INFP

  1. I love this! (And I’ve been enjoying your motivational writings lately.) I had to do some research to figure it out again, but I’m an INFJ. Similar boat, just with different oars. 🙂

  2. Rudolph_Consuegra

    I can definitely relate to this, especially as an INFP and poet myself.

  3. Jane H

    WOW! I could really relate to this, being the INFP that I am …. 🙂
    Very insightful …. Thanks for sharing it with us, all!

  4. 33

    Great stuff! Can’t wait to read ur novel!

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