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Writing Workshop – Week 8 Exercise

This week’s exercise based on Aren’t You Happy for Me? by Richard Bausch

Write a scene of a telephone call between two people who are each going through their own drama. The narrator is slightly closer to the character with the ‘real’ drama. The other person also has something dramatic, but it is told in a funnier, more exaggerated way. The narrator is keeping things moving, keeping things light-hearted.

“You have to roll it on your tongue properly, dear.” Helen told her daughter over the phone. “It’s not Wicado, it’s RRRicarrrdo!  Now you try it.”

“Forget it mom,” Eva said in an exasperated tone. “I don’t care. Now, are you going to tell me why you called me up in the first place, and what this Ricardo has to do with it?”

“I thought it was obvious. Ricardo is my new lover.”

“Your what?” Eva blurted out, before her mind could wrap around this foreign concept.

“My new lover.”

“Yes, I heard you. I understood you perfectly the first time.”

“Then why did you say what?”

“I – well, never mind about that. So…who is this Ricardo?”

“My new lover.”

“Yes… yes, I got that. I – I mean who is he? Where did you meet this guy?”

“Oh, he’s my salsa teacher. I started taking lessons two weeks ago.”

Eva was stunned for a moment. “You’re in love with your salsa teacher?” she finally said.  She sounded calmer than she thought she would. Continue reading

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