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Writing Workshop – Week 4

This week’s exercise based on Betrayal by Patricia Duncker:

Think about a group or sub-culture the narrator belongs to. Put a couple of those people in one room and create a scene where some tension exists between the characters. However, the narrator is not part of the tension, and is mainly an observer. Focus on the use of language. The narrator obviously has a love for language and injects a lot of humour and colourful descriptions into the scenes.

Click here to read the story

This week’s assignment sure was a lot of fun. The exercise clearly brought out a lot of creativity from everyone. It’s amazing to see all the characters, scenes and settings everyone came up with, and it was fun to read them all.

More importantly, I also had a lot of fun writing my story and I allowed myself to indulge in my love for fantasy. At first I was afraid that it wouldn’t work out too well, but the others enjoyed the story. The only thing I should think about is how I should have the narrator connect more with the audience. Go a little deeper and bring in an element which the reader can relate to. For example, in the part about ‘reciting poetry’, I can work that out a little bit more to convey the feeling that the narrator feels like an outsider in this society (which he is!). Again I completely agree. That would make the story more interesting. But all in all it was pretty good.

I’m also particularly interested in the opinions of people who read a lot of fantasy. So for you fantasy lovers are there, and I know there are a few, let me know what you think!

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