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The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn…

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
– Eden Ahbez – ‘Nature Boy’ *

* The first time I heard ‘Nature Boy’ was when I watched Moulin Rouge. And although I really, really love Moulin Rouge, let’s forget that for a moment and instead use Nat King Cole as our inspiration, shall we?

When I was younger I used to believe that there no greater universal truth than love (I would like to imagine myself as the Nature Boy, albeit without the wisdom). Perhaps the time has come to reconnect with my younger self again. Sure, my younger self was horribly naïve, an idealistic dreamer who was socially inept and who lived in constant fear of the real world, but despite all those negatives I truly believed. I truly believed that things would work out in the end despite the lack of self-confidence and the voices in my head which kept telling me that I would always fail. I truly believed that I could eventually become a better person than I was as long as I kept fighting against myself, and I promised I would do that no matter how long it took. There were times when I even pictured myself as an old man when it would finally happen, an old man who had until then lived his entire life all alone. And I imagined how indescribably happy I would feel, and I truly believed that happiness was a possibility as long as I never gave up. Yeah, I did say I was horribly naïve right? But is that really such a bad thing? Continue reading

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