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Now for a bit of Armchair Psychology

The harder I try, the more I feel like a failure.
The more I fight, the more I feel defeated.
The longer I persist, the more I feel without hope.
Should I just give up then?
Because in the end it is not worth it.

I guess that’s one way to look at things, but if there is one thing I’ve learnt in the past two years it is that how we deal with our negative feelings is a choice each and every one of us has. So instead of focusing on the negative results, we can choose to turn things around and focus on the things we do, so that the conclusion we reach in the end is different:

The more I feel like a failure, the harder I try.
The more I feel defeated, the more I fight.
The more I feel without hope, the longer I persist.
Should I just give up then? *
Because in the end it is worth it.

Well, it doesn’t sound as eloquent and elegant as I hoped it would, but contained in this piece somewhere is the seed for a new poem. So something to work on in the coming weeks 🙂

* Just in case you don’t realize it and are even confused by it, the way you are supposed to read “Should I just give up then?” is completely different in the two versions. Both of them are intended as rhetorical questions, but whereas the first one has a negative connotation and should be read in a rather defeated tone as if the answer is a foregone conclusion, the second version is more positive and should be read in a skeptical tone.

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