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2010 – The year that was… in writing

Last week I wrote a post reflecting on 2010, and particularly on my emotions. I had intended it to be the first part of a series, but I left it a bit on the side after writing that first post. Now I’m reading the post again, and it seems to me that  I’m trying my best to sound positive, but it all feels a bit forced, like I’m really just trying to convince myself. Underneath that thin veil of optimism there is a strong underlying pessimism that is constantly trying to claw its way onto the surface. Maybe it’s just me, but the whole piece just feels so indecisive… so messy. Then again that was probably the way I actually felt last week, so in that sense it is an interesting piece to read back. Fortunately I feel much better now. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the usual cycle of emotions I’m going through, and next week I will feel horribly down again. But let´s not dwell not that for now and make use of this rare bout of optimism to write some more reflections on 2010…

When I think of 2010, one of the first things that comes to mind is writing. I started the year as a real wannabe writer. I’m still reluctant to call myself a true writer, but in 2010 I’ve taken my first real steps to shedding the wannabe label. People say that time flies and normally that’s true. But then I think back on the very first writing course I’ve followed via Amsterdam Writing Workshops which is taught by Lisa Friedman. That was March this year, a mere nine months ago, but it seems like such an eternity already.

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2010 – The Year that was… in emotions

A word of caution beforehand. The post below is very personal, and in fact it may sound very sentimental and cliché. But still, this is the way I feel, and sometimes I need to write crap like this to make myself feel better. Oh well, go ahead if you still want to read it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I always get into a reflective mood at the end of the year and this year is no exception. 2010 was… well, an interesting year emotionally.

It was a year of self-denial and of self-awareness.
It was a year of expectations and of acceptance.
It was a year of inner turmoil and of inner peace.
It was a year of hope lost and of hope regained.
It was a year of loneliness and of… wait a minute… of… umm… I’ll get back to you if I ever start feeling whatever the hell the opposite of feeling lonely is.

In short, 2010 was a year of conflicting emotions, with the negative and the positive alternating each other in rapid succession.

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