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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

The start of another New Year… meaning it’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions again! I know it’s an overdone topic, but hey, I’m desperate for any blog topic right now.

The more logical part of me likes to pretend that New Year’s resolutions are just a bunch of nonsense. After all, shouldn’t self-development be a year-round activity anyway, instead of something you whip up out of a sense of unfounded optimism at the start of each year? But the truth is: I love making resolutions. Maybe I’m just weird, but to me there’s something magical and therapeutic about opening my notebook to a brand-new page and start writing down things to must /want to do. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s just gives me the feeling that I’m working on my self-development, without well… actually working on it.


What makes the whole resolution theme even more absurd is that my resolutions don’t really change from year to year. The specific details may differ, but in essence it always boils down to the following list:

  • Write more (and to finally finish a story for god’s sake!)
  • Read more (I’ve been on a decline for 3 years running… for shame!)
  • Blog more (that’s why I’m writing this)
  • Work smarter (and definitely not harder!)
  • Work out more (might be the easiest one, since it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking)
  • Be more open and caring towards my friends and family (hey, it is possible, right?)

(The only difference this year is that I left out the whole ‘love’ thing. I have to say I feel much better about myself as a result.)

And those are just the primary ones. Each year I come up with a bunch of secondary ones, because obviously I will have plenty of time left after I achieved my primary objectives:

  • Improve my Chinese
  • Learn another language
  • Learn to play a music instrument
  • Volunteer work
  • etc

I know what you are thinking right now. You’re crazy! There’s no way a normal person can achieve all these things in a single year! And the realist in me knows this. But he also knows that he has to co-exist with the dreamer in me, instead of battling against him. The dreamer in me derives much optimism and energy from absurdities such as this, and it is up to the realist to make sure that I actually sit down and work on them at some point… and also not to feel too discouraged if not everything works out perfectly.

Anyway, only time will tell what 2013 will bring. At this stage I’m still very much resolved to keep my resolutions. Let’s hope this feeling stays with me for a little while longer.


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Writing Advice to Myself: Rules on Becoming a More Prolific Writer

2011 is slowly drawing to a close and since it is never too early to start thinking about resolutions, I have decided to make up my own list of rules that I need to adhere if I want to become a more prolific writer. This short list is mainly based on other pieces of writing advice as well as observations on my own writing habits. After some thought, I believe these are the rules that make the most sense for me personally. Some of these may be painfully obvious when you read it, but just because something is obvious doesn’t mean that I will necessarily do it, so it’s always good to write them down as a reminder. Speaking of obvious… Continue reading


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My Writing Resolutions

These are some basic guidelines to writing I know I should follow, but which I tend to “forget” about:

  1. Always write a first draft with pen and paper. Forget about logic, structure or even quality. Those are not needed at this stage. What is needed is that my thoughts are written down. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. You can only complete the puzzle if you have all the pieces.
  2. Don’t use the laptop for the first draft. The urge to press the Backspace button or Shift-Delete is just too big.
  3. Don’t finalize or publish anything when I’m tired and really just want to go to bed. Finish writing and come back to it the next day to see.
  4. Edit, edit, edit! This is the part I hate the most and I tend to neglect it, but editing is an essential part of any good writing.
  5. And most importantly, just keep writing. No matter what. Even when I don’t feel like it, which is basically most of the time. In the end writing is hard work, and I don’t get any real satisfaction out of it anyway. Yet I feel lost and agitated if I don’t write. The only thing worse than writing is not writing…

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