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Top 10 Songs Part 1 – #10 to #8

2010 has almost come to an end, and that means… Top 2000 lists! Various radio stations in the Netherlands and Belgium (and other countries?) will traditionally broadcast the top 2000 songs ever (or a variation of it) during the last week of the year. I forgot to vote as usual, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking long and hard about my personal top 10. The top 6 or 7 usually isn’t much of a problem (although the exact order is another story), but the last 3 or 4 spots is a major headache. After a few hours of listening music extensively, I have settled on the following 10 songs, although I probably would have made a different list if I was writing this on a different day (in fact, I’m rearranging the list as I am writing this).

N.B. If you have a Spotify account, clicking on the title will take you directly to the song.

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