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Writing Challenge #1 (by Thaumaturgist)

So I decided to participate in the first Writer’s Challenge posted by Thaumaturgist. I could choose between two challenges, and this is the one I picked:

1: Open page 23 of the book closest to you. Write the last sentence on a piece of paper. Using that as the opening sentence, write the first 700-1000 words of a FICTIONAL story. Have fun. Note: Even if you picked up a cookbook, you must use that sentence in a fictional story!!!

The book closest to me was Issue 109 of Granta, which is a literary magazine. The sentence I found was taken from an essay by Daniel Alarcón about book piracy in Peru. I was quite lucky; it was a sentence that you could really play around with: You see old friends, go to dozens of readings, and when you can’t stand it anymore you hide in your apartment and wait for it to be over. You can find it on page 8 of the online version of the essay. It is a very interesting read by the way, and I can recommend it to anyone.

It became quite clear early on that it was going to be a fantasy story, although it took me a couple of days to come up with the basic premise of the story. I think the idea itself is quite interesting, and I might actually reuse this idea and expand it into in a larger work in the future, possibly a short-to-medium length story. And you might notice that the number 7 comes back quite often. I only haven’t figured out yet what the exact significance of the number 7 in the story should be, but I thought it was pretty cool to add it, what with all the math behind it, which I won’t fully explain for now. 🙂

I think the story as I posted it below is still a bit ‘over the place.’ I think that is one of my biggest weaknesses: how to take the ideas and thoughts in my head and form it into something coherent. If I do expand into the future, it will probably be completely different than the current iteration (and I probably will NOT use the second-person narrative, but I just though I’ll stick with it as the sentence itself uses it).

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the story.

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