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Writing Session – The Awakening of Sweden

Last weekend I went back to Maastricht to visit my cousin Gwen (who is a starting but talented journalist by the way) and we held a short writing session at a lunchroom. We took one of the magazines lying around on the table and picked out a sentence on random, and we had to use that sentence as the beginning of a story, which we had about 60-90 minutes to write. (Thanks to Thaumaturgist by the way for suggesting this method for the writing challenge a while ago. It has become one of my favourite methods whenever I’m looking for a writing prompt). The article we ended up with was an article about IKEA, and the sentence we picked out was “Zweden wordt eindelijk wakker”, which is Dutch for Sweden is finally waking up. Well, I quickly had the idea of taking that as literal as possible. What if the whole country was really in sleep for years?

It was a lot of fun to write. However, the whole piece is basically just background story. I probably would have done it completely different if I had to do it again. I would have placed the main character from at the start of the story, instead of including him when the time has almost expired. Now it seems as if the main character is merely an afterthought in this story. Still, I am quite satisfied considering the time constraint. I think it can be the start for a potentially cool storywith a lot of different possibilites, although it would be quite complicated to write correctly. Anyway, here is the English translation of what I had written (click on Read More), with the Dutch original included after the translation. Enjoy, and let me know what you think 🙂

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